An iOS and MacOS Swift app for reviewing large quantities of photos – correct location and date

For each photo, users can…

  • Edit the date (year required — month and day optional)
  • Edit the location (pop-up list of prior entries makes this easier)
  • Add a text comment
  • Add a voice annotation up to 5 minutes long
  • Add a “favorite” tag
  • Add a “forget this photo” tag (to delete in the future)

iPad screenshot below:


Assumptions (in this version):

  • Photos are scanned and stored in cloud on iCloud or Google Drive
  • Photo info is stored in a Google Sheet

Planned feature improvements:

  • Enable speech-to-text for easier annotation. Pull date and location info from voice annotation (“This is a photo of the kids in 1972 in Glendale…”)
  • Use fast database as back-end (Firebase or other dBase)
  • Support other storage services (Google Drive, Amazon Photos, etc.)
  • Auto-import photos into local photo storage (Apple or Google Photos)
  • Enable a video “slide show” playing each photo with a “Ken Burns” effect with narration voiceover

Contributions/updates welcomed. Please contact me (or generate a pull request) for any suggestions/improvements!


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