Welcome to the Dota Master iOS App

Welcome to the Dota Master iOS App, a powerful tool designed exclusively for Dota 2 players. This app empowers you to make well informed decisions by providing different useful insights and information to enhance your strategy.


  1. Intelligent Counter Pick Suggestions Make strategic decisions with confidence by leveraging our advanced algorithm, powered by the Wilson Formula. The app analyzes the enemy team composition, focusing on their 2 or 4 heroes, and suggests the best counter pick to maximize your team’s advantage.

  2. Comprehensive Hero Information Access the most essential knowledge about every Dota 2 hero. Discover each hero’s main attribute, roles, and attack type, enabling you to make well informed choices during the drafting phase.

  3. Enemy Player Analysis Stay one step ahead by scanning the usernames of your opponents or manually entering them. Gain insight into their recent matches, empowering you to anticipate their potential picks. This feature not only helps you strategize but also provides the opportunity to disrupt their plans by banning their preferred heroes.

Technology Stack:

CoreData: Store and manage essential hero information directly on your device, ensuring quick access.

VisionKit: Scan enemy player usernames to gather match data for analysiss.

SwiftUI: Experience an intuitive user interface that enhances your app interaction.

OpenDota API: Harness the power of real-time data from the OpenDota API to deliver up-to-date hero statistics and match details.

How to get started

Clone the repository to your local PC. Open the project in Xcode and build the app. Explore the intuitive interface and dive into the wealth of information available. Leverage the counter pick suggestions to optimize your team’s composition and gain a competitive edge. Utilize the enemy player analysis feature to anticipate and respond strategically to your opponents.

Feedback and Support If you encounter any issues, have suggestions for improvement, or require assistance, please feel free to open an issue on GitHub. I am dedicated to continuously refining and enhancing this App.

Thank you for choosing my app. May your strategic prowess shine on the battlefield! ?


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