Finalytica is an iOS app that enables easy access to quantitative data for publicly listed American companies, through a UI-friendly mobile application. Made as a project besides studies in Computer Science at LTH (by Eric Portela).

*Mockup made in Sketch, similar to actual output*


⚠️ E-mail me to get an API-key!!

⚠️ Unfinished version of Finalytica app (iOS).

⚠️ For showcasing purposes only.

⚠️ Launch .xcworkspace file when testing out!


? Search function covering majority of publicly listed companies on the major American Stock Exchange (search by ticker or company name).

? Closing prices and trading volumes for major indices and stocks.

❤️ Add your beloved stocks to your favorite list.

? Ranking lists (gainers, losers and most traded).

? “FINALYZE” function – Gives you a solid and wide overview of the financials of the company. Supplies user with a horizontal and vertical analysis of the company. Currently only supporting the income statement.

? Links to all SEC reports/fillings.

? Historical financial ratios and metrics (+10 years).


Unfinished version of Finalytica app (iOS), thus containing several bugs, unfinished UI, etc. Copy of private repo, made public. For showcasing purposes only.

The purpose of the app is to provide the private investor with quantitative data for publicly listed/traded companies primarily on the NYSE. This app is specially developed for investors who advocate fundamental data and the use of quantitative data in order to take positions in stocks. Data provided through FinancialModellingPrep API.

Instructions for testing/using app

Login using dummy user:

E-mail: [email protected]

Pswd: test123

When logged in, try to search for the more established companies (to avoid bugs and crashes), i.e. AAPL, FB, BABA, TSLA, AMD etc.


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