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Important ⚠️ We’re hard at work! Both Winston and this README are works in progress. Watch this space for updates!

?️ How to Install

At the moment, Winston hasn’t made its grand appearance on the App Store. But worry not! Here’s how you can get your hands on Winston:

  1. TestFlight: Take part in Winston’s journey by joining our TestFlight here. Be aware that this could be full or unavailable due to TestFlight’s occasional downtimes.

  2. Sideloading: Employ Sideloadly or a sideloading method of your preference to install the Winston IPA directly. Grab the IPA file from our releases page!

? Make Winston Better (Contribution)

We open our arms to all those who wish to make Winston even better. If you’d like to contribute, kindly create a pull request based on the ‘alpha’ branch for seamless integration. We eagerly look forward to your ideas and innovations!

? Handy Links

  • Official sites: Intrigued by our work? Explore some of our other creations at
  • Join the Club: Connect with us, drop in your suggestions, or be part of our vibrant community on our Discord server.
  • Express your support by buying us a coffee at Patreon or Ko-fi ☕️❤️?

Note ? Note: We no longer maintain a subreddit owing to irreconcilable policy disputes with Reddit.

? License

Winston is open-source, licensed under the GPL-3.0 license. Refer to the LICENSE file in the repository for more details.


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