App made to educate people about cybersecurity and internet safety.

[please open the app on an Iphone 11 if you have Xcode!]

What to expect: When opening the app, the loading screen appears and a few seconds later, the user is lead to the home page or the main screen. From there, there are 3 buttons made so far that are filled with information from cybersecurity to understanding what passwords are strong!

What tools were used: Xcode, Swift, Google for finding facts and troubleshooting, and Canva for the thumbnail design.

Why was this app made?

  • I made this app to inform fellow students of mine or people of all ages on internet safety and basic information on what cybersecurity is. additionally, I saw an increase in people getting hacked these days and as I dive into the field of cybersecurity, I realize the importance of cybersecurity for our society. I hope to increase the awareness and educate more people about being or staying safe on the Internet.

Why is it called Cybersafe?

  • The name is a combination of the words “Cybersecurity” and “Safe” so mashed together equals “Cybersafe” ! ? At first, I called the app “Teach Cyber” but I found it too basic and not a title that would be remembered.

Additional Info: Hours: 5+ hrs <- many breaks in between because this weekend busy! Symbols: In every submission I do, I like to include some symbolism ?

  • i used mostly a blue, black, and white color palette because in cybersecurity, the blue team is essentially the defense team. According to Google, “The Blue Team identifies security threats and risks in the operating environment, and in cooperation with the customer, analyzes the network environment and its current state of security readiness.”
  • another is on the loading screen, there is an open lock to showcase how data is still out in the open and we are still waiting to be on the main page. I tried to illustrate how the user isn’t yet on the main secure page, so there is an open lock to symbolize the open internet. unsecure browser vs. secure.

Submitted Cybersafe into the GitHub Global Campus. –Happy Birthday MLH!–


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