Auto scrollable header menu – SwiftUI & Combine


  • Auto scroll menu while navigating the list up and down
  • Navigate to any section from up menu
  • Smart detection the position of the section in the user’s field of view
  • The menu and category color intensity automatically adjusts depending on color scheme You don’t need to set color for every scheme
  • Various strategies for the item menu width allocation
  • Setting custom colors for the menu
  • Customize menu item style [round or square]
  • iOS and macOS support
  • Dark and light scheme support


There are three required interfaces that have to be defined

protocol description
IMenuItem enum – menu categories
IListModel struct – list item model
IItemTpl struct – item view template

1. Enum

Define enum that conforming to IMenuItem. Protocol from package d3_menu_bar It is categories for the menu and list section headers

    import d3_menu_bar

    enum MenuItems: String, IMenuItem {

        case breakfast = "Breakfast"        
        case lunch = "Lunch"        
        case dessert = "Dessert"

2. Model

Define model that comforms to IListModel.

Add fields that you need in the List line representation

    struct ListModel : IListModel{
        let id = UUID()
        let category: MenuItems
        let title : String

3. Template

Define view for 2. Model that comforms to IItemTpl.

All representation of the template is up to you. It was included in component’s API on purpose to let easily control List representation via configuration.

    struct ItemTpl: IItemTpl {

        let item: ListModel

        var body: some View {

4. Create Auto scrollable header menu

    let data: [ListModel] = //Pass array of data
    ScrollableMenuList(items: data, content: { ItemTpl(item: $0) })


  • menuBarStrategy – default strategy for the item menu width allocation is auto
Size strategy Description
fit Alocate all affodable space not scrollable
auto Auto size acoording the content
flex(CGFloat) Set up minimal width
  • menuBarColor – default value is .black

  • menuBarStyle – default style is round

Style Description
round rounded corners
square squared corners

click to watch expected UI behavior for the example click to watch expected UI behavior for the example

Code example

Take a look on the example preview in ScrollableMenuListExample.swift or create a project, add the package and put ScrollableMenuListExample() in ContentView()


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