BatFi helps you optimize your macOS battery performance by managing charging levels intelligently, yet giving you full control – charging to 100% only when it’s needed.


Requires macOS Ventura or later and Apple Silicon Mac

Maintaining a lithium-ion battery at a high state of charge can significantly reduce its lifespan. Although macOS offers a feature that automatically postpones charging the battery to 100%, it lacks user control. This automated approach relies on machine learning to adapt to user habits, leaving users without the ability to determine when and how long the charging should be delayed. Consequently, this solution may not be effective for users with irregular computer usage patterns or for devices frequently connected to power sources, such as monitors like Apple’s Studio Display or Pro Display XDR.

On the other hand, BatFi works differently. The app allows you to set a user-chosen limit for charging the battery and maintain it indefinitely. With BatFi, you have the flexibility to decide when to charge the battery to 100% based on your usage needs.


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