Xin Chào! ??

Welcome to Xin Chào – a minimal yet effective app for learning basic Vietnamese vocabulary.

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Xin Chào helps you learn 50 common Vietnamese words and phrases through digital flashcards. Flip through the cards with Vietnamese terms, pronunciations, and English translations to grow your vocabulary.

This MVP (minimum viable product) focuses on:

  • 50 most essential Vietnamese vocab words ?
  • Simple and clean flashcard interface ?
  • Manual flipping to quiz yourself ⏩

Although simple for now, I plan to add more features over time like:

  • Expanding to 500+ vocabulary words and phrases ?
  • Adding audio pronunciation for each word ?
  • Implementing quiz, progress tracking, and scoring functionality ✅
  • Making the app more interactive and animated ?

But for now, I hope this basic flashcard interface helps you start learning and appreciating the Vietnamese language!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – so let’s start with 50 words today. Xin chào and happy learning! ?

Let me know if you have any feedback on the app! I’m excited to keep improving it over time.


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