Cove – A Mock Ethical Marketplace

Cove is my passion project of a mock, curated marketplace of ethical businesses and quality producers. I work on this project to explore native iOS Development, UX/UI design, mobile CI/CD, and the Google Cloud Platform with Firebase.

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This repository contains the source files for the Xcode project.

  • Supports iOS 16+
  • Uses Firebase for backend
    • Firebase Auth
    • Firestore
    • Cloud Storage

Design Goals

  • Log in with popular social providers (Ex. Google, Facebook, etc).
  • Secure account creation with Firebase Authentication.
  • Support for wide range of varying products.
    • Coffee
    • Music
    • Apparel
    • Home
    • Beverages
    • Tea
  • Persistent login state.
  • Fetch data in real-time from Google Cloud Platform.
  • Search products and available filters.
  • Pages for individual stores/businesses/artists.
  • Stock checking and shipping calculation.
  • Product and producer promotions.
  • Product reviews and ratings.
  • Ability to favorite products.
  • Friend system for seeing what they’ve reviewed and favorited.
  • Personalized product recommendations (Based on favorites, and purchase history).

Signup Walkthrough

  • Left is signing up with a Social Provider (Google). Facebook sign up is also supported. Once I get an Apple Developer Account, Apple sign up will also be supported.
  • Right is signing up with an email (Firebase).
  • Both methods will create a user entry with Firebase Authentication.

Home and Product Details Walkthrough

  • This is what is currently in place for the Home view and clicking to view a product.

GIFs created with Kap.

More to come!

Everything seen so far is subject to change overtime as I move along with development.

A simple roadmap for Cove can be found at


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