NetNutrition App

What does the app do?

This app acts as a mobile interface for the Duke NetNutrition website that allows users to select foods they ate during the day, automatically populating all statistics like calories, carbs, etc. into HealthKit.

Basic features

  • Privacy settings with data
  • Includes a listing of restaurants on campus
  • For each restaurant, you can click on it and a list of foods served there that day is displayed
  • Each food can be selected and its nutrition information will populate into HealthKit
  • There is also a menu the user can access and scroll through showing the meals they have added historically


  • Nutrition information comes from the Duke NetNutrition website on a real-time basis
  • HealthKit permissions are required from the user and data will is whenever they add a meal
  • User accounts/logins are not necessary
  • There is minimal information to store locally within the app, the only thing to store is a historical listing of the users’ foods; nutrition data is stored in HealthKit



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