Mini AppStore

A small application created in UIKit using Xcode 14 is shown here. In this app, I have create a mini AppStore application.

Light Mode Screenshots:

Dark Mode Screenshots:

What features does this app contain:

  • Featured apps for today
  • Group to apps
  • Search an app
  • App details page
  • App Info page
  • App listing
  • Song listing
  • Light & dark mode support

What you can learn from this app:

  • How to use UICollectionView’s compositional layout?
  • How to fetch data from multiple requests using DispatchGroup?
  • How to use UIStackView to build complete UIs?
  • How to search your query using UISearchController after some delay?
  • How to present a view controller with custom animation?
  • How to implement drag & drop to dismiss a controller?
  • How to show and hide floating view on scrolling up and down?
  • How to implement infinite scrolling to fetch more data?
  • How to manage your logs properly?
  • How to put constraints programmatically without any library?
  • How to make all UIs programmatically in an app?

and many other things…

Following the LBTA (Let’s Build That App) courses, I learned and created this demo app. You should check out this website for amazing content.

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Happy Coding !!


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