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1.View : Add a view programmatically. 2.Touch event: Touch any where and move to draw a line. Or touch on view to move the view. 3.Custom view: Add a view programmatically. 4. Drawing: Draw somethings by programmatically. 5. Delegation Pattern : Demo delegate only code, non-UI. 6. View controller lifecycle: Demo only code, non-UI. 7. Navigation Controller: Demo action push and present. 8. TableView + Coredata: (Contain lesson Custom cell) Demo add and delete by coredata and update on Table view. 9. CollectionView: Demo display Collection view with custom cell. 10. Network: (Alamofire + Object Mapper) Search weather’s information by country name. 11. MapView: Display annotation of earth quake by google api. 12. MapView2: (Core location + custom annotation + draw route with polyline).


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