Edvora Code Test

Project Description

Login page with limited functionalities

Implemented Functionalities:

  • UI implemented in SwiftUI
  • Validation for username
    • Username field should not allow spaces and upper case alphabets
  • Validation for email
  • Validation for password
    • Password should be atleast 8 characters long
    • Atleast 1 number
    • Atleast 1 upper case alphabet
    • Atleast 1 lower case alphabet
  • App is responsive for all devices
    • Tested in:
      • iPhone 13 mini
      • iPhone 13
      • iPhone 13 Pro Max
      • iPad
  • A prompt will be displayed if there is any failure in validation upon tapping login button
  • Textfield and Button styles are reusable


Given Instructions

  1. The given UI must be implemented using SwiftUI
  2. The inputs fields should not be empty
  3. Validations for email (must be a valid email)
  4. Validations for password (should have 8 characters, 1 number, 1 upper case alphabet, 1 lower case alphabet)
  5. Validations for username (should not have spaces and no upper case alphabet)
  6. The app must be responsive for all devices (iPhone SE, iPhone 13, iPad)

Link to design file

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