You can post feedback messages and screenshots to Slack from your iOS app!

It is very useful for internal test!

How to feedback

Introducing this SDK, a floating icon of feedback is displayed. Tapping it, a feedback dialog is displayed.


  • Show feedback button
  • Two fingers long press to show feedback dialog
  • Take a screenshot & Record screen


  • iOS 9+



1. Incorporate SDK with Carthage


github ""

If you do not want to include SDK framework binaries in your application, please remove it from Copy Frameworks by looking at the configuration for the following.


2. import header

import Bridging Header

#import <AppFeedback/AppFeedback.h>

3. Flag definition in configuration to enable SDK

Please control so that it applies only to internal distribution so that it will not be effective in production application

First define flags in target configuration


4. Describe SDK initialization process to didFinishLaunchingWithOptions

Describe initialization processing of SDK to "Describe SDK initialization process to didFinishLaunchingWithOptionsdidFinishLaunchingWithOptions"

Initialize the SDK when launching the application. Make sure it is enabled only when the flag you set above is defined.

func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {
    // ……
        AppFeedback.configure(withSlackToken:"<your token>", slackChannel:"<slack channel id>")

    // ……

To hide the feedback icon, please support display with gesture.

        AppFeedback.readyFeedbackGesture()     // Display feedback dialog with two fingers long tap
        AppFeedback.readyScreenShot()          // Display feedback dialog when shooting screenshot

5. Add action to set SDK to Fastfile

Write setup_app_feedback_sdk in the fastlane build before build_app. Please specify project, scheme, configuration to use for build.

This action writes the slack api token and channel id to your Info.plist.

      project: 'MyApp.xcodeproj',
      scheme: 'MyApp',
      configuration: 'AppFeedback',
      slack_api_token: 'your-slack-token', # Preferably configure as ENV['SLACK_API_TOKEN']
      slack_channel: 'your-slack-channel-id'


6. Build with Screwdriver

The SDK is built in the application for internal distribution built with Screwdriver.



func readyFeedbackGesture()

Display a feedback dialog with two finger long press gestures.

func readyScreenShot()

Display a feedback dialog when shooting screenshots.

func startRecording()

Start screen recording (movie capture).

func endRecording()

End screen recording (movie capture).

var isHidden: Bool { get set }

Boolean value as to whether to display the feedback button. Default is true.

*It is always invisible because there is a problem with the display of buttons under iOS 9.

func showFeedbackDialog()

Display the feedback dialog immediately.

Please use this method when displaying feedback dialog by custom gesture etc created by yourself.

func yourLongPressedGesture(sender: UILongPressGestureRecognizer) {

func configure(withSlackToken:channel:)

Set your slack token and channel.

var feedbackCategories: [String] { get set }

List of feedback categories.

The default is "Bug" "Request" "Question" "Design" "Others".