Petitions Viewer

This is the ninth project from Hacking With Swift 100 days of Swift course.

??‍♂️ Overview

It’s an app that shows petitions from the Whitehouse’s API,
this project was improved from the seventh project to add
asyncronous code with Grand Central Dispatch

⚙️ How it works

The app fetches the most recent and top rated petitions from
the API depending on what user did select

It’s also possible to search petitions with related words in
the results

? Video

? Built with

  • UIKit
  • Storyboard

? What I learned

  • Grand Central Dispatch
  • performSelector() – I prefer to stay with GCD at the end
  • Quality of Service

⌨ How to use it

Download this repository, open it in Xcode, select an iPhone
device for the simulator and press command + R to run it


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