UberEATS Reverse Engineering

This app is meant to be used as demo and show the various filters for restaurants near you.

  • ? any code review or suggestion are appreciated
  • ? contribution is definitely welcomed
  • ? if you are a UI/UX designer and wants to see certain animation. Please Let me know!

The CI/CD will be implemented on Bitrise and the also the unit testing will be done on the data layer

Stages Status Hours
Set User Location ☑️ 8
Fetch Restaurants ☑️ 24
Filter Restaurants UI done
Fetch Restaurant Meals
Show Restaurant Info ☑️
Filter Restaurant Meals ☑️
Order Meal
Order Payment
Order Tracking


email: [email protected]
password: abcPassword

Google Map Service

  • You will not be able to make any network calls without the config.swift file because it contains all the access keys. Please DM @sean7218 if you want to play with the location service and backend Yelp API
  • The map and the location is using Google Map Service and Google Places. Please obtain your own API token. Creating a file in the same folder where AppDelegate.swift with following

// ubereats/config.swift
 import Foundation

 struct KEYS {
     static var GOOGLE_MAP_KEY: String = "YOUR_GOOGLE_ACCESS_KEY"


Pods are not pushed to this remote so you have to run the following before running the app

pod install

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