Use this package in order to ease up working with Combine URLSession.
We support working with Codable for all main HTTP methods GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.
We also support MultipartUpload


To install this package just add the follwing in yor package

.package(url: "", from: "1.0.0"),


Define SomeService Example

class SomeService: BaseService {
    // MARK: - Session
    let sessionProvider: SessionProvider
    // MARK: - Init
    init(api: API = ServiceConfiguration.api, sessionProvider: SessionProvider = DefaultSessionProvider(authenticatorProvider: Authenticator())) {
        self.sessionProvider = sessionProvider
        super.init(api: api)
    func get<T: Codable>(for path: String, headers: [String: String] = ["Content-Type":"application/json"], decoder: JSONDecoder = JSONDecoder.iso8601JsonDecoder) -> AnyPublisher<T, Error> {
        Publishers.CombineLatest(just(path: path), sessionProvider.jwt()).flatMap {
            self.get(from: $0, headers: self.merge(jwt: $1, with: headers), decoder: decoder)

Call SomeService Example

    get(for: "somepath/", decoder: JSONDecoder.iso8601FullDateJsonDecoder)

Multipart Upload Example

    Publishers.CombineLatest(just(path: athletes), sessionProvider.jwt()).map {
        URLRequest.multipart(for: $0, 
                          method: .POST, 
                          headers: ["Authorization": $1, "Accept-Encoding": "gzip, deflate, br"], 
                          payload: value, 
                          multiparts: [Multipart(key: "profilePhoto", data: profileImageData, mimeType: .jpeg, fileName: "\(UUID().uuidString).jpeg")],
                          encoder: JSONEncoder.iso860JSONEncoder, 
                          decoder: JSONDecoder.iso8601FullDateJsonDecoder)
    }.flatMap {
        self.task(for: $0, decoder: JSONDecoder.iso8601FullDateJsonDecoder)


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