EduSphere is a VisionOS application built for the Apple Vision Pro, built in 36 hours at Hack The North 2023. EduSphere is an interactive AR/VR language learning app including a 3D rendering game and a chatbot.

The backend services used for this project are linked as submodules under the Backend-Microservices directory.

All technologies used in this fullstack app are: Swift, SwiftUI, VisionOS, RealityKit, Python, Flask, Cohere, Google Cloud Platform, CockroachDB, SQL, Alamofire, Nomad, Reality Converters, Adobe-XD, MVVM

about play game chatbot

Installation and Usage

EduSphere is free to clone and use. Feel free to download and explore the source code by following the commands below:

git clone


Mingchung Xia (University of Waterloo)

Luke Wang (McGill University)

Ruixin Dai (Sheridan College)

Evin Li (The University of British Columbia)


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