This repo contains the entire WeatherRules iOS app, available here on the iOS App Store.

This repo is meant as a portfolio piece and an example of my code, you won't be able to just build and run it as it's missing API Keys among other things.


Architecture diagram

The app is split into a number of frameworks/targets

  • WhatToWear: Main App Target
  • RulesExtension: Rules Today Extension
  • ForecastExtension: Forecast Today Extension
  • ExtensionCore: Code that is shared between the Today Extensions
  • CoreUI: Reuseable UI components
  • Assets: Images used throughout the app
  • Charts: Components used for making charts/graphs
  • Networking: Networking components for making API calls primarily
  • CoreComponents: Common objects used in multiple places that don't fit elsewhere
  • Models: Model objects, whether they be from the DarkSky API or elsewhere
  • Core: Mostly Extensions of Apple frameworks that are used everywhere
  • ErrorRecorder: Wrapper for sending non-fatal errors to Fabric as well as Crash reporting and Analytics via Firebase
  • Environment: Splitting Dev/Prod environments

Other Highlights

Unit tests

There is a small-ish test suite of ~300 tests using the Quick and Nimble BDD frameworks.


All images (except App Icons and Launch images) are in the Assets framework and I use R.swift for compile-time checking of them.


I use SwiftLint to lint this project, the config file can be found here.


If you really want to build and run it you'll need to sort out:

  • DarkSky API Keys
  • Firebase configuration plists (then set a User-Defined FIREBASE_PLIST_NAME build setting)
  • Code-signing settings