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Key Features

With VocabVerse, you can take advantage of two dynamic learning modes:

  • Flash Cards: A classic method for vocabulary acquisition.
  • Correct Writing Mode: This feature challenges you to write the word you’re learning correctly.


Correct Writing Mode Flash Cards Learning Page
Vocabulary Screen Word List Screen

Tech stack

  • Swift – The programming language used to develop VocabVerse.
  • SwiftUI – The user interface framework that enables elegant and declarative UI design for the app.
  • TCA (The Composable Architecture) – TCA designed to help developers create more maintainable, testable, and scalable applications by promoting functional programming concepts and separating concerns in an application.
  • Core Data – The persistent data framework utilized for managing and storing app data efficiently.

How to install

  • Clone this repo: [email protected]:Sashazakh/VocabVerse.git
  • Open the workspace VocabVerse.xcodeproj
  • Build the app


Feel free to contribute if you have any ideas or come across errors or typos!


Author: Alexander Zakharov



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