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This application is made for educational purposes only. The main idea is to optimize gathering information with time from various websites, sort and check for changes. It is not for commercial usage. The application is limited with a minimum of 30 seconds of website check, so there couldn’t be any additional server pressure caused.


Check for available Hamburg apartments from Saga & Vonovia. Locate the apartment you like with Google Maps and open its page for applying with single button.


  • The app uses a walkaround not to be terminated in the background with a silent audio player (it plays soundless mp3 file endlessly) you have to grant permission on the first run. Be ready that your iPhone will consume more battery than usual. This is the price which has to be paid for the app to be able to run the main logic even if it is not in the foreground
  • Quickly expandable: make a new module for any other real estate provider conforming to Landlord protocol, add it to the array of providers in LandlordsManager and you are done
  • Filter apartments for your needs with options in the sheet view controller (swipe up to appear); save options as default for next runs of the app
  • Get local notification when the new apartment is posted and the application is not in the foreground of two types which could be selected in the options (default & custom sound)

How to install

To install app you need:

  1. Get a Mac with Xcode which supports iOS 16+
  2. Clone this repo
  3. Install it to your iPhone


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The project is distributed under MIT license.


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