Notes manager for macOS/iOS

File system notes is modern notational velocity (nvALT) on steroids.

macOS app

Our application respect open formats: plain/text, markdown, rtf, and stores data in file system. You can view, edit, copy data in favourite external editor and see live result in FSNotes.


Key features

  • keyboard centric
  • global shortcuts (clipboard save / search)
  • markdown and RTF markup (files stored on disk as plain/text and rich text)
  • markdown preview mode
  • elastic two pane view (vertical and horizontal layout)
  • blazing fast and lightweight (working fine with 10k+ files)
  • open files in finder / works with external editors (changes seamless live sync with UI)
  • pin/unpin important notes in top
  • synchronization over iCloud Drive / Dropbox
  • multi folder storage
  • fast copy markdown code to clipboard
  • live markdown highlighting with code blocks (over 170 languages)
  • themes for code highlighting
  • markdown images preview in editor
  • images drag and drop

FSNotes is written on Swift 4, open source (MIT license)

iOS app


Key features

  • iCloud Drive support (Files.app folder available)
  • Fast note creation (3DTouch + configurable default keyboard)
  • Pin/unpin with macOS companion sync
  • RTF and Markdown markup
  • Markdown editor with highlighting (code blocks too)
  • Search with keywords highlighting
  • Sharing extension