Trello Clone iOS App – SwiftUI

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A Trello Clone App for iOS built with SwiftUI.


The app has several main features:

  1. Card, BoardList CRUD.
  2. Drag and Drop Card to reorder in List.
  3. Drag and Drop Card to another List.
  4. Drag and Drop List to reorder.
  5. Disk Persistence.

SwiftUI Drag and Drop API:

  • List OnMove, OnInsert modifiers.
  • OnDrag & OnDrop Modifiers with
  • Drop Delegate.

Getting Started

  • Download Xcode 13 from App Store.


  • Build and run the project using Xcode 13 and iOS 15.


This project is based on the YouTube tutorial series that you can watch at Build a Trello Clone iOS App with SwiftUIYouTube.


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