Schedule KNURE for iOS

KNURE Schedule for iOS is a small but very useful application for students and teachers of KNURE. The application uses the open API of the KNURE schedule site to display information about the schedule on your mobile devices.

The application allows you to download the schedule of any group, teacher or classroom in KNURE. The downloaded schedule is always available offline. You can configure the display of the schedule in horizontal or vertical scans. You can also choose a dark or light theme for the application. When viewing the schedule, double-clicking on the screen will automatically display the current day.

If the application is minimized, then it will automatically update the schedule of the last selected group, teacher or classroom every 12 hours. You can also manually update the schedule of the last selected item on the main screen.

When you click on a pair, you can see the decoding of the abbreviation of the subject, the full name of the teacher who reads the subject, and in which groups this subject is taught. By clicking on a teacher or group, you can download their schedule.

The saved schedule can be exported to the Calendar application. You can select a range of dates to export the schedule: current day, tomorrow, current week, next week, or the whole semester. A separate calendar will be created for each schedule item in the Calendar application.

The application has two widgets: for displaying the schedule for the current day and for displaying the schedule for tomorrow. The widget displays the schedule of the last selected group, teacher or classroom.